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SAGGA has four different levels of membership available.

Affiliate Members include any individual, business, or organization that has an interest in viticulture, grape related products, processing, wine tasting and social events.  They have no grapes planted and are not otherwise eligible to be full members.  This group has no voting rights.

Affiliate Benefits Include:
  • Invitation to all monthly and annual meetings
  • Invitation to SAGGA-related events
  • Access to wealth of growing and winemaking information on the SAGGA online forum

Student Members include any individual currently enrolled in college courses with an interest in growing grapes and/or making wine. They have no grapes planted and are not otherwise eligible to be full members. This group has no voting rights.

Student Benefits Include:
  • All affiliate member benefits

Grower Members
shall include persons whose grapes are grown north of the 45th Parallel including the Upper Peninsula.  The grapes must be planted for commercial or serious hobby purposes. 

Grower Benefits Include:
  • All affiliate member benefits, plus:
  • Full voting rights
  • 10% discount on all orders from Double A Vineyards
  • (plus optional 4% early pay discount)
  • Business information listing on SAGGA website
  • Ability to list grapes for sale through SAGGA online forum

Processor Members include persons who operate facilities that add value to grapes.  Such operations include but are not limited to juice extraction, wineries or food production.  To be considered a processor member, the business must be commercial in nature. Processor members have full voting rights.

Processor Benefits Include:
  • All grower member benefits, plus:
  • Business events listed on SAGGA event calendar
  • Ability to buy grapes from SAGGA members through SAGGA online forum

An individual, business or organization shall hold only one class of membership at a time.  Memberships shall be granted upon approval of the Secretary under the authority of the corporations officers.


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